MOUNT VERNON - A state senator says he wants more accountability from Mount Vernon after a fight erupted at a high school basketball game between Mount Vernon and Mahopac.

Eight students from Mahopac High School have been suspended for allegedly tweeting racist slurs about Mount Vernon after the fight. State Sen. Greg Ball (R-40th District) says Mount Vernon needs to show more accountability as their fans were "toxic and destructive" during the game.

"They need to hold these bad actors who are not representative of the larger group accountable, just like Mahopac has," says Ball.

Mount Vernon Interim Superintendent Judith Johnson says she doesn't condone any of the actions during the game, but says she has no control over adult fans.

"I don't think that the message that I'm seeing from some elected officials is any way characterizing the total story," says Johnson.

Johnson also claims the Mahopac players broke the Dignity for Students Act when they allegedly used racial slurs against Mount Vernon during the game and the final handshake. Mahopac's superintendent is investigating the claims made against the basketball players.

The state's Education Department is also investigating the incident.