MOUNT VERNON - Police have identified the man who was shot and killed yesterday in Mount Vernon as Michael Santiago, 26, of the Bronx.

Police say Santiago was in a car with his ex-girlfriend when they pulled up to her Sheridan Avenue apartment around 3:30 p.m. They say when Santiago got out of the car, he was shot several times with a sawed-off shotgun by Kamau Kiarie. Mount Vernon police say they were nearby, heard the gunshots, and arrested Kiarie.

Residents told News 12 that the shooting might have had to do with some sort of love triangle, but detectives have ruled that possibility out. They say they don't know why Kiarie, 35, targeted Santiago but that the shooter had no immediate relationship with the victim or his ex-girlfriend.

Police have since learned that Kiarie had a warrant out for his arrest because he is a convicted sex offender and he hadn't registered his residence.

Kiarie is charged with second-degree murder, but investigators say more charges could be coming.