GARNERVILLE - A father of four is thankful to be alive this morning after his sons saved his life during a heart attack.

Michael Meigh, 51, was working in his backyard in Garnerville on June 16 when he became short of breath and could barely talk. His 11-year-old son, Connor, immediately knew something was wrong and called 911. Meigh's other son, 19-year-old Sean, who is a lifeguard at the Bowline Public Pool, began performing CPR.

Four days later when Meigh woke up at Good Samaritan Hospital, his sons were at his side. Meigh has served as a police sergeant with Amtrak for 27 years. 

The event has given him a new perspective on life and family. "We might be closer than we were before," says Meigh. "You realized how fragile it can be."