PLEASANTVILLE - A student newspaper at Pace University is reporting that two of the school’s lacrosse players have failed drug tests.

Student reporter Cecilia Levine published the allegations in the Pace Chronicle, alleging that two lacrosse players used cocaine and marijuana in late February or early March. She says she interviewed current and former Pace athletes for her story.

"It was a little unsettling because I knew that lacrosse was getting ready to go into a new season with a new coach, and I think it may have taken people by surprise because they came off as a very serious team," she says.

The head of the school’s athletics department said in a statement that he doesn't take drug-testing lightly, and that all students are encouraged to make healthy choices.

Athletes at Pace University are subject to random drug testing, and the university says it suspends students when appropriate. However, the university would not comment on any specific allegations.