YONKERS - Investigators are now looking into the possibility that chemicals inside suspicious barrels found in Yonkers may have been used as part of a meth lab.

Yonkers emergency crews packed Morris Street Wednesday afternoon after four large barrels containing suspicious liquid were discovered in an alley. Several streets in the surrounding area were also shut down for several hours, and people living in the building at 55 Morris St. were evacuated. Hazmat teams were called in, and the drums eventually were taken away.

Sources told News 12 there were about a dozen different types of chemicals found inside the barrels and that it is possible some could have been used to cook meth. Police say they can't confirm that information, but that the barrels have been brought to the Westchester County police lab for testing.

Some neighbors say they spotted two men hauling the barrels behind the building at around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Others say none of that makes sense. They say markings left in the ground prove those barrels had been sitting there for months.

News 12 asked Yonkers police if there's proof the barrels were dropped off Wednesday, but they could not answer that question. The business next door to where the barrels were found has surveillance cameras aimed at the street. It's unclear if those cameras were rolling Wednesday morning or if police are looking at the footage for clues.

Police say residents of 55 Morris St. are not allowed back to their homes because their building is unsafe for reasons unrelated to the barrels. When emergency crews arrived, Con Edison found that the gas lines were not properly connected. Residents will not be allowed to return until their landlord fixes it.

Officials say the area is safe, and no arrests have been made in connection with the barrels.