Swaying Ossining steeple deemed safe

Fears are that the steeple on the First Baptist Church could come crashing down in Ossining's business district. (3/14/14)

OSSINING - Streets in downtown Ossining have reopened after concerns over a unstable church steeple.

A steeple at the First Baptist Church was swaying in heavy winds on Thursday prompting worries that it may crash into the village's business district.

The church, located at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Church Street, was built in the 1870s. Engineers determined the steeple was not structurally sound and had to be repaired immediately. The center portion of the steeple is the only part that has internal supports.

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The village's mayor says that streets reopened around 1:00 p.m. today. "A bunch of fireman, policeman and our building department were here just to make sure that it was safe enough for people to be even near it," says Mayor Bill Hamauer.

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