YONKERS - The recent winter storms created dangerous conditions on the roads, causing many accidents in the Hudson Valley.

Tow truck drivers and auto body shops have been trying to keep up with the demand from people whose cars were stranded or damaged from the recent storms.

At Francesco's in Yonkers, dozens of cars have come in over the last few weeks, all casualties of the recent winter storms.

Technician Steve Colaicovo says in the most of the cases, the weather-related collisions cause extensive damage to vehicles, regardless of the caution drivers are practicing.

"We do notice a lot of suspension damage, cars sliding, hitting other cars things of that nature. Front-end collisions, people not able to stop and hit other vehicles," he says.

Colaicovo's advice is to drive defensively and be on heightened alert at all times because Mother Nature and the driver next to you are unpredictable.