TUCKAHOE - A public service announcement about the dangers of teen drinking and driving starring students from Tuckahoe High School is about to hit the airwaves.

Yesterday, the kids were gearing up to play their parts at a fake teen drinking party inside a Bronxville home.

The National Road Safety Foundation sponsored a contest where teens across the country entered their ideas for what the PSA should be about. The winning idea came from a girl from Florida who was flown to New York to supervise the production. "Drinking has repercussions that if they are going to take that step and do something they know they're not supposed to do that they at least go through the precautions of making sure that they're going to get home safely," says Emily Mochel.

Eastchester-based Alan Weiss Productions is shooting and editing the PSA, which will air across the country beginning in May on the Teen News Network.