NEW ROCHELLE - Amid a candlelight vigil for a man brutally beaten and stabbed to death, residents of a troubled housing complex in New Rochelle are demanding for justice and better security.

Family, friends and neighbors gathered last night to remember Keita Speed, who was killed at the Hartley Housing complex on Winthrop Avenue. Candles still mark the spot near a stairwell where Speed was found face-down, after being stabbed multiple times in the shoulder and neck last Friday.

Family members say they believe Speed knew the suspects, and police agree that this was not a random act.  Investigators say they believe at least two men were involved in the stabbing. "We believe that the victim and his assailants were known to one another and the incident developed as a result of ongoing personal differences," says Capt. Joe Schaller. Meanwhile, people living at Hartley Housing complex say they're frightened.

Yesterday, several tenants met with members of New Rochelle's Municipal Housing Authority to ask for improved lighting and extra security in the complex. Steve Horton, the head of the Municipal Housing Authority, says they are cooperating with the police and will not ignore the residents' concerns.

The buildings are scheduled to be torn down, but people will continue to live there for another year.