BARDONIA - Preparing for Passover became a little more stressful in one Rockland community.

Some residents were caught off-guard when their tap water seemed to be contaminated. Water coming out of some faucets on Monday had a yellow-tinged color to it. The water put a lot of residents in the Clarkstown water district on edge.

Officials at United Water say the water was discolored because crews were in the area doing routine work on pipes and changing valves. They insist the water was always safe to drink.

Resident Shari Langer asked if the work was mandatory, but the officials said that it was routine. They scheduled it in advance, she said, but failed to let residents know.

By late evening, the yellow in the water started to fade. But, Langer says, the damage was already done. Instead of tap water, she served seltzer at her Passover dinner.