BLAUVELT - Two attacks by wild animals on humans this week have Hudson Valley residents on the lookout for rabid animals.

An Orangeburg woman was attacked by a rabid coyote on Tuesday, while a Blauvelt woman was bitten by a raccoon on Wednesday.

Rockland County Fire Coordinator Gordon Wren, an avid outdoorsman who has studied the wildlife in the area, says the rabid coyote killed in Orangeburg this week was likely exposed to another sick animal. "If they see a raccoon that's sick with rabies or any other disease and not acting right or it's dead, they find the carcass just like they do with road kills, they'll say this is an easy meal and they'll grab it and they'll eat it," says Wren.

Wren says if you encounter a coyote, you should make loud noises and be aggressive. The healthy ones will likely turn and run.

Studies of the "East Coast Coyote," like the one shot in Orangeburg, show the predators are 75 percent coyote, 20 percent wolf and 5 percent domestic dog.