FBI: Suspect killed during standoff in kidnapping investigation; 17-year-old boy found safe

One person was shot and killed by FBI agents during an early morning standoff in Bergen County surrounding a kidnapping investigation.
The investigation began in Philadelphia, where authorities were investigating the kidnapping of a 17-year-old boy.
The investigation led agents to an apartment complex on Lakeview Avenue in Leonia, where it was believed that the boy was being held.
Agents from Philadelphia and Newark demanded that the suspect come out of the apartment.
When the suspect did not come out, there was a confrontation and then gunfire. Neighbors say that they heard a handful of shots. One of the bullets struck and killed a suspect.
The FBI had a rental van towed from the scene Wednesday afternoon. Agents saying there is no danger to the public, but people who live in the normally quiet suburban neighborhood say that they are shaken.
“I’m glad they caught whoever did it. I’m just a little unnerved by it,” says Kathleen Gentile. “You never know what will happen, when or where. It’s sad someone was killed. But I’m glad whoever they were they were caught.”
The teen was taken to the hospital to be checked out and was released.
Further details about the incident were not made available.