Purchase College leads SUNYs on access to mental health resources

Purchase College is serving as the model as SUNY expands access to mental health resources to all its schools due to the pandemic.
The plan includes using an app for better access to connect with mental health providers. Right now, only two of the 64 SUNYs use it. Purchase College is one of them.
The app is called "Thriving Campus" and bridges the gap between students and 6,000 licensed professionals. "It's a nice verification that we are ahead of the curve,” says Purchase College counseling center director Cathie Chester. “We have been for a while."
Purchase introduced the app in January, and it has been a success getting students more specialized, long-term care. News 12 is told the app has been particularly critical at SUNY Purchase during a time when the ongoing pandemic is making it hard for students to go about life as usual.
It's part of SUNY's plan to provide better care for students -- many who balancing their health and studies.
"It's extremely smart. I know people at this particular school have had good mental health resources for sure with their teachers,” says sophomore Gaby Liriano.
Earlier this summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a survey and found that 40% of adults in the U.S. were struggling with mental health issues during the pandemic -- and young adults, including students, were feeling it the most. "Depending on the location and the resources that go with each entity especially the community colleges, students need more. They need so much more,” says Chester. Officials hope the app will serve as a trusted guide for students who are balancing the pandemic, a lack of social interactions, and their studies all at once.
SUNY is also increasing access to tele-counseling to reduce wait times for students as well.