Red Hook Camp reopens following COVID-19 outbreak

Red Hook Camp reopened Thursday morning after a COVID-19 outbreak that impacted not only the camp, but also the town's summer school and pool program.
The reopening comes after eight children and adults -- several of them vaccinated -- tested positive for coronavirus after a gathering at a home.
Health officials say all were showing either mild or no symptoms at all because several of them were vaccinated.
One 8-year-old child who tested positive attended the Red Hook Camp, which has upward of 180 kids enrolled, so as a result, the camp was shut down to be safe.
News 12 Reporter Lisa LaRocca's Facebook Live from Red Hook Camp.
At this point, there have been no other campers who've tested positive for COVID-19, and no additional cases are being linked to the cluster.
The camp did not receive as many kids as it normally gets as town officials say they expected some parents may have wanted to play it safe for another day or two.
Both parents and their kids who showed up Thursday morning said they were excited to be back. They added that they feel the camp is safe and staff is doing everything to ensure the campers' safety. They also feel that the camp brings some sense of normalcy for the children.
"When they had the exposure, we were away anyway, but I think we're kind of getting a little past the point, so we weren't too worried," said parent Cory Kilfoyle.
At this point, health officials say they had no lab results that showed any of the eight cases were linked to the highly contagious delta variant that is being watching closely as there is an uptick in COVID-19 numbers across the country and the area as well.