Summer-like warmth continues, big cooldown coming this weekend

Summer-like warmth continues for today and tomorrow in the Hudson Valley, but expect a big cooldown for the weekend.
NOW: Mainly sunny skies, very mild. Lower and middle 70s.
NEXT: Likely to see first frost and freezes for isolated parts for the Hudson Valley for the upcoming weekend. Remaining cool next week. highs in the 50s by day, around 40 at night.
Tonight: Partly cloudy, not very cool. Lows in middle 50s.
Thursday: A few more PM clouds otherwise mainly sunny. Very warm highs in middle 70s.
Friday: Mostly cloudy, early sprinkle chance. Highs around 70.
Saturday: On and off rain showers, MUCH COOLER. Highs around 60.
Sunday: Mainly sunny, cool and crisp. Highs upper 50s.
Monday: On and off shower chance. Partly cloudy highs in upper 50s.