1 person dead in Yonkers apartment building fire, 11 families displaced

One person is dead and 11 families are homeless after a massive apartment building fire in Yonkers Friday morning.
Fire officials say flames spread to three floors of the apartments on 64 Bruce Ave. Seven firefighters are currently recovering from injuries.
Manuel Vega says he was across the street when he noticed the blaze. He then ran into the building to bang on doors and alert the residents.
Vega tells News 12 he went in and out before he became overwhelmed with smoke. "I couldn't breathe. I had to run back out," says Vega. "My face mask, it kind of melted to my face."
Jazz White says she heard the banging outside her apartment. "By God's grace, we made it out," says White. She rushed out with her several young grandchildren but didn't even have time to get their shoes.
White says she lost her two animals during the ordeal and has yet to find them. "Our two cats are gone. We don't know where they are. My daughters are devastated about that," says White.
Everyone seemed to have exited safely until one family noticed a man was missing. Firefighters were able to find him and provide CPR, but he did not make it.
The victim has been identified as 26-year-old Michael Johnson.
Vega recalls the moment as emotional, saying in part, "Sad day. For the new year, very sad."
Fire officials say the fire seems to be accidental, but it's still under investigation.
The Red Cross was on the scene to help families that can't return to their homes.