12 men come forward with sexual abuse allegations against former camp counselor, school staff member

Twelve men have now come forward with sexual abuse allegations against a former camp counselor and school staff member.
According to a lawsuit filed last September, James "Jimmy" Collins was a former counselor at Camp Iroquois in Mount Kisco. He was also involved with the Boys and Girls Club and he worked across the Chappaqua Central School District.
Collins is accused of grooming and sexually abusing minors as young as 10 years old.
Gregory Ardanoswki says Collins was his Little League coach at 10 years old. Scott Roth met Collins at camp.
They were the first two alleged survivors to come forward.
Their lawsuit details oral sex, masturbation, massages, and fondling allegations spanning at least two decades from the 60s to the 90s.
Their lawyer, Sarah Klein, believes the abuse could still be happening today since Collins was allegedly working as a bus driver in the district up until they filed suit in September.
Now, they believe there could be hundreds more alleged victims and they're urging anyone else to come forward. Under New York’s Child Victims Act passed in 2019, there’s a two-year window where anyone can come forward with any sexual assault allegations - no matter hold old you are or how long again an incident happened. That window ends next year.
The Boys and Girls Club in Mount Kisco tells News 12 that Collins was not employed there. Chappaqua Central School District has not responded to requests for comment.