13 snacks you can grab on the go, if you need a computer break, or for the after-class munchies

Your kids may be ready to go back to school, but is your pantry ready with snacks?
The 13 snacks below are perfect to take to class, if they need a computer break, or for the after-class munchies.
These tasty treats can be made even more delicious if combined with peanut butter, Nutella or even chocolate! (Be cognizant of peanut allergies though).
When air-popped and lightly seasoned, popcorn is an efficiently healthy snack, says the American Heart Association. Looking to make your own? Check out this microwavable popcorn maker, and don't forget the kernels!
Peanut butter:
Combine pretzels, apples, celery or crackers with these on-the-go peanut butter cups. Make sure your school is not nut-free!
Peanut butter bites:
These round, tasty, bite-sized morsels are packed with peanut butter power to keep your kids studying and learning! Again, make sure your school is not nut-free.
Nutella snacks:
Pick from breadsticks or pretzels! These snack packs are made to travel, in a convenient go-anywhere package that protects all the goodness until you’re ready to enjoy it.
Nuts/trail mix:
Nuts are perfect students, with walnuts being the top nut for brain health. Learn how to build your own healthy trail mix with this delicious recipe
Pick your favorite fruit, wash it, peel it and eat! It’s as simple as that. Back-to-school season in the tri-state area is also apple season! Dress up your apples with these simple recipes!
Dried Fruit:
Satisfy your craving for candy, without all the sugar! You can find your favorite fruits, including apricot, mango, pineapple and a tropical mix.
Rice cakes:
A rice cake is made with puffed rice. Typically, it is eaten as a healthy snack or used as a base for other ingredients. Add peanut butter and fruit for a healthy snack. It's also available in many different flavors, including chocolate and apple cinnamon.
Rice Krispies Treats:
Whether homemade, or store bought, this is a classic snack!
Cereal bars:
Go to the cereal bar section of your grocery store, and you'll find every delicious flavor you can think of.
You can now find these small treats in a variety of flavors, including cheesy pizza, Parmesan, zesty cheddar and more. YUM!
International snacks:
Looking to taste the world? Amazon has a variety of variety packs with foreign snacks!