2nd woman accuses Port Jervis building inspector of sexual harassment

A second woman came forward Friday to accuse Port Jervis' building inspector of sexual harassment.
Colleen Hodgins and Port Jervis Building Inspector David Rivera's secretary have both come forward, accusing him of sexually harassing them.
"I'm not talking about cat calling. I'm talking about - 'What's under your skirt?'" says Hodgins.
Hodgins also alleges Rivera pushed himself against her. He allegedly told her if she came out and said anything, he would be protected and nothing would happen.
Sources close to the case say the city found the secretary's claims to be unfounded, but Hodgins' allegations have sparked a criminal investigation by the district attorney's office. Rivera also faces criminal harassment charges for a bar altercation involving his wife and his secretary's daughter.
In response to the allegations, Rivera said to News 12's Blaise Gomez, "I'm not commenting on anything. You've done a wonderful job ruining my life, hurting my family with people who are horrible individuals."
City officials could only say complaints are thoroughly and impartially reviewed.