4 arrested in shootings of Bronx cab drivers Maudo Kane, Aboubacar Bah

Police have arrested four people in the case of two murdered Bronx cab drivers.
Takiem Ewing, Tyrone Felder and Kareen Martin were all charged with the carjackings that led to the murders of Maudo Kane and Aboubacar Bah. On Friday night, police say they also arrested 26-year-old Tommy Smalls in connection to the shootings.
According to investigators, Kane was shot in the head while on the job Aug. 5. His body was found on Hunter Avenue in Co-op City, while his car was later recovered near Yankee Stadium.
According to a criminal complaint, the suspects stole Kane's car and drove to Yonkers. There, the complaint says they robbed a mini-mart on McLean Avenue and a Dunkin Donuts on Central Avenue.
Aboubacar Bah was killed in the same manner days later while working in Hunts Point. His vehicle was also dumped streets away from the crime scene.
A spokesperson for the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers says a cab driver was able to give police information that led to the quick arrests. The driver says the suspects got into his cab after they dumped the stolen vehicle last Tuesday. 
Inside the courtroom, Ewing, Felder and Martin showed little emotion. Ewing told the judge he smoked marijuana before being arrested early Friday morning. Despite the confession, he says he understands the charges against him and the possibility of life in prison if convicted.
Smalls will be held in the Bronx until he is placed into federal custody. Ewing, Felder and Martin have been remanded to the Westchester County Jail until their next court appearance on Sept. 10.