4 sentenced for assaulting officer in White Castle

Four of five Bronx men who pleaded guilty to assaulting an off-duty police officer were sentenced Wednesday to 5-10 years in prison.
The fifth individual, who was 15 when the assault took place, will be sentenced as a minor.
Prosecutors say in January of 2006, the five men got into a fight with Officer Eric Hernandez inside a local White Castle. That altercation later spilled outside.
When police arrived at the scene, Hernandez was holding a bystander, who he thought was also involved, at gunpoint. A responding officer shot Hernandez when he didn?t drop his gun. Hernandez died as a result. The men who attacked him were not charged with murder because the medical examiner ruled that Hernandez died from the shooting, not the assault.
A sixth man who was involved in the attack on Officer Hernandez is still awaiting trial.