4 ways to help parents from burning out

Being a parent isn’t easy at times, and if you throw a pandemic into the mix, it can be daunting at times. From teacher to entertainer and everything in between, parents are feeling a lot of pressure.
“Parents, right now, feel like they have to be all things to their kids,” says Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, author of Kid Confidence.
Kennedy-Moore has some ways parents can keep from burning out.
1 – Recharge yourself – make time for exercise or a hobby; call a friend or go to bed and rest.
2 – Question your ‘shoulds’ – what matters to you and what are somethings you can cut back on or give up.
3 – Create a schedule – with summer coming a schedule is key to seeing how you want the day to look. Have your kids help create it.
4 – Remember it’s OK to have a bad day – Just relax, breathe and try again tomorrow.