A look at some holiday-themed pop-up bars in New Jersey

'Tis the season for holiday-themed pop-ups, and a restaurant group in New Jersey is taking the theme to the next level. 
Skopos Hospitality Group consists of four different restaurant/bars throughout New Jersey, and all of them are now decked out for the holidays.
The pop-ups are part of the "Miracle" pop-up concept, which has franchise locations throughout the United States and internationally. 
Two of Skopos Hospitality's bars are official Miracle pop-ups: Cowan's Public in Nutley, and newly opened Franklin Social in Jersey City. Skopos Hospitality also has the Vanguard in Harrison participating in Miracle's "Sippin' Santa" pop-up concept. 
Eric Sobalvarro, the beverage director for Skopos Hospitality, first discovered the Miracle concept at one of Miracle's locations in New York City. He brought the two owners of Skopos Hospitality to Miracle to check it out for themselves, and it was then they decided to bring the concept to their bar, Cowan's. 
Last year, the group only did Miracle at Cowan's. But this year, with all of their locations having a holiday pop-up theme, the group decided to host an official bar-crawl of all the spots. 
Saturday, a decked-out school bus took spirited and festive patrons to the different holiday pop-ups to experience all the holiday cheer. 
Dean Maroulakos, one of Skopos Hospitality's owners, said, "It's kind of a perfect excuse to get our regulars and some new patrons on a journey through the holidays."
Skopos Hospitality's holiday pop-ups run through the end of the month.