'A shattering moment.’ Regional AJC chief says Hamas attack in Israel akin to 9/11

News 12’s Jade Nash spoke to the American Jewish Committee of Westchester and Fairfield’s regional director about Hamas’ attack on Israel.
Myra Clark-Siegel says her committee has an office in Jerusalem and members of her chapter are there. Some members were immediately called in for reserve duty Saturday as a result of the attacks.
Clark-Siegel compared the unprecedented attacks on Israel to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.
"People were living their lives. They were going to work. They were taking their kids to school. People were going on business trips and the world was shattered that day. New Yorkers were shattered that day and that is exactly what happened in Israel,” she said. "We are seeing Israelis post images all over social media, desperately seeking information about their children, about their parents, about their neighbors, about their friends.”
Clark-Siegel thinks this moment feels "raw" for many New Yorkers who are watching what is going on in Israel. Some members of her chapter have very close ties to the country – some of whom were in Israel when the attacks started. She told News 12 that AJC has an office in Jerusalem.
"Members of our office were called up for reserve duty immediately yesterday," Clark-Siegel said.
Harry Soloway, a coordinator from Jewish Voice for Peace, said he didn't think that any members from his chapter were in Israel when the war started. However, he said many chapter members have family and friends there that they are concerned about.
"We do not condone the violence that's happening in Israel-Palestine at the moment," Soloway said. "We mourn every Israeli and Palestinian that has died."