Accused crooked contractor refunds BX homeowners

More than 100 Bronx homeowners who complain a contractor scammed them are getting back their hard-earned money.
The Department of Consumer Affairs commissioner says his department is repaying the residents because they followed procedure. According to the commissioner, the residents hired a licensed contractor.
Homeowner Patricia Reeberg says she complained about John Arceri Home Improvements, Inc. after she spent $6,000, but saw no progress months later. Reeberg says, "He knew what he was doing. He knew it was fraud and he did it anyway." Arceri repaid the money to the Department of Consumer Affairs, which gave it back to his customers.
The department advises consumers to also get three reputable references, never pay cash and pay no more than one-third of the total amount up front.
The department has referred the case to the district attorney for further review. Arceri's license has been revoked.
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