Accused Galleria Mall murderer tries to get confession thrown out

The attorney for the man accused of killing a woman at the Galleria Mall is trying to get his confession thrown out in a pretrial hearing Tuesday.
Phillip Grant, a convicted sex offender, is facing charges of murder as a hate crime for allegedly killing Connie Russo Carriero at the Galleria Mall parking garage in June because she was white. The arresting officers are expected to testify at the pretrial hearing. They say Grant confessed to them and took them to the location where the weapon was discarded. Grant?s attorney says his client wasn?t read his rights before he confessed to the police.
Russo Carriero?s sons were also present in court. Since their mother?s brutal death, they have been pushing for a civil confinement law, which would keep violent sex offenders in institutions after they are released from prison.
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