Accused officer testifies in manslaughter trial

Former Officer Rafael Lora took the stand Wednesday in his own manslaughter trial.
Lora faces first-degree manslaughter charges for allegedly shooting and killing Fermin Arzu in May 2007. According to Lora, Arzu was drunk when he crashed his vehicle into a parked car outside Lora's home. Lora claims he went outside to investigate when Arzu began driving away, dragging Lora with the door of his van. Lora says he fired his gun in self-defense.
In his testimony, Lora said Arzu started a fight with him when he came out of his house. Lora claims Arzu threw something at his face, chipping his front tooth, though the prosecution says there is no documentation of that incident on the EMT medical reports from that night.
The Bronx district attorney argued Arzu was not fit to cause physical harm to Lora the night of the incident. Lora claims he sustained serious injuries when Arzu shut the car door and dragged him.
Lora was the last witness to testify in the case. Closing arguments will be presented Thursday.
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