Asbury Park Tattoo Fest draws ink aficionados to the Jersey Shore event

Asbury Park is the place to go this weekend for those New Jersey residents who are thinking of getting a tattoo.
Thousands of tattoo artists and tattoo aficionados have descended on the Jersey Shore community for the Asbury Park Tattoo Fest.
From the Jersey Devil to Jersey Girl to Dirty Jersey, there's maybe no way to publicly and permanently pronounce one's Jersey pride quite like getting it inked onto one's skin.
Among all the skin art that depicts all the sea monsters and skulls, many afficionados displayed their New Jersey-themed tattoos.
One can see New Jersey across one's stomach, El Norte Route 46, and Joe Pesci in their back.
Jay Jersey, of Jersey Shore Line Tatoo says tattoo artists in the Garden State will always get a high demand for Jersey-themed artwork.
"All types of stuff. Everything from the Tillie to the Parkway to 295 outlines, Devils, you name it," he says.
The Jersey Devil is a favorite among ink fans, but there was one that had the Jersey Angel.
One woman had a tattoo of Wawa iced tea on her leg. She explained that she got it because she drank it in half gallon size throughout her time in high school.
The Asbury Park Tattoo Fest runs through Sunday.