Assemblyman wants blue safety lights in Bronx parks

State Assemblyman Marcos Crespo wants blue lights installed in some Bronx parks to alert residents of danger.
Crespo wants the blue-light kiosks, commonly seen on college campuses, installed at Soundview, Concrete and Starlight parks in the borough. He believes the flashing lights would put residents on alert in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.
"It gives you an opportunity to be aware, to gather your family, to make sure your belongings are OK," Crespo says.
The boxes not only alert the public, but also allow residents to report any suspicious activity by pushing a button.
Crespo, who says he has set aside about $500,000 in capital funding for the project, is working with the city's Department of Parks and Recreation to install the lights.
News 12 The Bronx reached out to the department about the kiosks, and is still waiting to hear back.