Authorities unable to determine cause of loud boom noise in Carmel

Officials say they received multiple phone calls reporting the noise in Carmel

Ahsinet Scott Brown

Apr 16, 2024, 4:28 PM

Updated 33 days ago


Officials in Carmel say they have been unable to find what caused a loud boom Sunday night.
Carmel police, Kent police, and the county sheriff's office received multiple phone calls reporting the noise near Lake Carmel and Western Kent.
Carmel police say the agencies checked in with New York State Electric & Gas. It said there were no reported transformer issues or outages around that time.
Police say it's possible some of the lightning strikes in the area could have caused cloud-to-cloud lightning and made that noise.
Authorities in Carmel dismissed a social media rumor that the sound was caused by the U.S. military working in the area.

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