Autopsy reveals bizarre, painful suicide for Indian Point engineer

Autopsy results conducted on the Lake Peekskill man who police say killed his wife and daughter show he suffered a painful suicide.
According to police, 51-year-old Steven Lessard strangled his wife and 14-year-old daughter in their bedrooms. Police say an autopsy determined Lessard then tried to slit his wrists, but couldn't so he jabbed a steak knife into his groin and severed his femoral artery. Police say Lessard apparently stabbed himself in the bathroom and staggered into the hallway.
The tragedy is now raising questions about employee screening at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, where Lessard worked. Entergy spokesperson Larry Gottlieb says Lessard was put on paid leave from his job as a planning engineer at the after exhibiting irrational behavior February 8. Gottlieb says Lessard apparently turned down an offer for help from Entergy's employee assistance program. Gottlieb claims despite Lessard?s instability, he was never in a position where he could have affected the safety of Indian Point.
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