Baisley Ave. residents fuming over construction destruction

Road construction in a Bronx neighborhood has some residents up-in-arms about the effects, appearance and increased danger.The city attributes the construction on Baisley Avenue to the installation of storm sewers and new curbs to improve drainage in the area. However, some residents insist so far the construction has only left more destruction in the Throgs Neck neighborhood. They claim the city?s contractors have left a hole in the sidewalk, creating an eyesore and a danger. One couple is worried it will be held responsible because the unfinished and abandoned construction site is in front of its home.Neighbors say this incident isn?t the first of its kind on their street. They say they work hard to maintain their homes and property and wish the city would be more diligent in the future.Meantime, the city told News 12 The Bronx that construction is ongoing and won't be completed until Spring 2007.