Bandits swipe pricey beauty supplies during Blauvelt truck hijacking

More than a half-million dollars in beauty products destined for delivery to retail outlets were stolen in a tractor-trailer hijacking on Wednesday afternoon in Blauvelt.
The driver and a passenger in the tractor-trailer had already picked up a shipment of perfume and cosmetics at a warehouse in Bradley Corporate Park before making a second pick-up at a warehouse near Route 303. It was there that 2 suspects came up on either side of the truck, opened the doors, tied them up at gun-point and shoved them into the back of the cab. Two other suspects hopped in the tractor-trailer and drove off; making stops to unload the beauty products.
Police say that the hijackers not only knew what the product was but also where the trailer would be. The search for the tractor-trailer ended in Clifton, New Jersey. It was found empty with the exception of the two workers. The case is still under investigation. If you have any information call the Orangetown Police Department at 845-359-2121.