Bidding blunder takes bite out of proposed dog park

An Orange County councilwoman is accused of leaking bids to a company vying for a contract at a proposed dog park in Mount Hope.
Councilman Brian Carey says three bids for the park were leaked by his colleague - Councilwoman Janet Sutherland - to another company vying for the job.
Carey voiced his concerns at this month's board meeting, which was posted online to YouTube.
"When you go out and get bids, you obviously aren't telling the first or second or third person what the first bid is,” he says.
Councilwoman Sutherland wasn't at that board meeting and didn't want to be interviewed on camera, but said by telephone that it was Carey who wanted a fourth company included and that his remarks are politically motivated.
She would not comment on whether or not she sent out the bids.
Carey says he just wants a fair process. He says plans for the park have been in talks for years and that now at least this phase of the project will have to start over.