Biden, Trump barnstorm battleground states in final stretch before Election Day

With Election Day now just three days away, both presidential campaigns are hitting battleground states in hopes of reaching undecided voters.
The presidential candidates are blitzing battleground states heading into the last stage of the race hoping to convince remaining undecided voters to hit the polls with just days left to go.
However, it seems as though many people may not need convincing, as voters across the country have been turning out early in record numbers.
Voters snaked around the block on the final day of early voting in Georgia and lined up before dawn in Oklahoma.
In Harris County, Texas, polls were open for 24 hours to alleviate the lines and accommodate essential workers. So far, more than 9 million Texans have voted.
More than 80 million ballots have already been cast, either by mail or in-person, according to surveys of election officials.
The postal service released a list Friday of "extraordinary measures" it's taking to make sure ballots are delivered on time, including working overtime hours and adding Sunday mail collection on some routes.
Meanwhile, both candidates will continue stumping this week. Former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama are holding drive-in rallies in Michigan today.
President Donald Trump has multiple stops planned in Pennsylvania.