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Birdie’s Batch: Mother-daughter business shares inspiration behind baked goods brand

Sara Cann created the company with her mom, Vinnie, who has always made delicious jams.

Jade Nash

May 12, 2024, 9:54 PM

Updated 5 days ago


A mother-daughter business based in Rockland County is taking their baked goods brand to the next level.
Sara Cann is the co-founder of Birdie's Batch.
"We make old-fashioned baked goods and seasonal jams," Cann said.
Cann created the company with her mom, Vinnie, who has always made delicious jams.
"I hatched this idea…maybe like 10 years ago," Cann said. "I was working in the restaurant industry for about a decade."
Cann said her mom has also always had a desire to sell her sweets, too. Then COVID-19 came and presented them with a new opportunity,
"I was laid off from my restaurant gig in the city and I was like, 'You know what? I think we can sell your jam. I know how to bake.' So, we just put the two ideas together."
Years later, the duo is now selling their products online and at farmer's markers around the state.
In between sales at a farmer's market in Piermont, Vinnie told News 12 that she learned how to make jams and preserve produce from her grandmothers.
"It's very generational... actually when I'm preparing all my fruits and jams and baked goods, I actually think about them when I'm doing it," Vinnie said.
The generational family ties don't stop there. Cann said her own daughters are now starting to express their own interest in the enterprise.
"I took them to [a] market yesterday and they were helping with my customers and one of them was like 'Can I have a dollar now?'" Cann said.
All of the hard work that the family members are putting into their products seems to be paying off, according one customer named Alex Mancini.
"I saw this strawberry [pastry] and I was like, 'I never see strawberry in desserts, and I just really wanted to try it,'" Mancini said.
To learn more about Birdie's Batch, please visit this website.

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