BLM mural to be painted in Mamaroneck after initially being denied

A Black Lives Matter street mural will soon be painted in Mamaroneck Village after it was initially denied.
The idea was sparked by a family who says they want to make the village better for future generations.
Jarrett Winchester and his family came up with the idea. He says the mural will be big, bold colorful letters spelling out Black Lives Matter.
Winchester hopes it can be painted along Madison Street, where his family normally hosts a block party where they give out school supplies and student grants. The COVID-19 pandemic forced them to skip this year.
The Board of Trustees turned down the proposal last month due to some legal concerns, but reconsidered Tuesday night and voted unanimously in favor of the mural.
Mayor Tom Murphy said, "Hopefully, it is the beginning of a process of understanding and recognizing systemic racism. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem."
Winchester says his family loves his community, and he hopes to get the entire village involved when painting begins.