Bloomberg’s NY campaign director counting on ‘home-court advantage’ in primary

In his first sit-down interview, John Calvelli, the director of Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign in New York, gave News 12 deeper insight into the candidate’s unorthodox bid for the presidency.
He said the Bloomberg campaign is the best funded and least traditional in the history of American politics.
“Mike's whole reason to run is to make sure Donald Trump is defeated,” he told News 12’s Tara Rosenblum, who was visiting the candidate’s new field office in White Plains.
Calvelli admitted they are counting on a “home-court advantage” in New York.
“What many people don't know is that New York has the second largest number of delegates after California,” he said.
The former three-term New York City mayor has already spent more than $250 million on a national TV ad blitz.
“I think that Mike Bloomberg is going to have the resources, support and national network that will make him the next president of the United States,” said Calvelli.
In less than 10 weeks, Calvelli says Bloomberg jumped from the bottom of the list to the top five most popular presidential candidates in nearly every national poll.
“Bottom line is something is happening,” he said.