Borough president serves up fresh promise for Hunts Point Market upgrade

The Bronx borough president made a promise Wednesday that could lead to hundreds of new jobs at the Hunts Point Market.
At a Hunts Point Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, Borough President Adolfo Carrión Jr. told business leaders he will work with them to expand the produce market. Members of the Hunts Point Terminal Produce Cooperative Association say business has been stagnant for years. They say they've spent several years trying to persuade the New York City Economic Development Corporation to allow them to expand on the city-owned land, which they lease.
The association hopes to gain more customers with an expansion and generate $3 million annually instead of the current $2 million. An expansion would also mean adding 1,500 employees to the market's workforce of 2,500. Cooperative members want to make the plan a reality within the next five years.