Botanicas give residents natural path to healing

Most people head to the doctor when they aren't feeling good, but a number of Bronx residents are heading to botanicas instead.
Eliseo Trinidad owns La 21 Division Botanica on the Grand Concourse. He says his clientele come in to buy plants in order to heal themselves.
Trinidad says his clients keep coming back for more. Michelle Dominguez, who has worked at the shop for four years, says she believes in what she sells. "I had a cold a few days ago," she says. "So, I took some orange plant and the lemongrass and I mixed it up with an apple and I feel great."
Trinidad even claims that his natural remedies can help women who have trouble getting pregnant. 
For 10 years, the New York Botanical Gardens has partnered with botanicas like La 21 Division Botanica. 
Ethnomedical Researcher Ina Vandebroek says she has found that people who purchase plants and other items have faith and believe in the plant's effectiveness.
Even though there is no scientific proof that all the plants have healing powers, botanica believers are keeping the business blooming.