Bronx bus stops perched between busy streets

Catching a bus is a life-threatening experience, according to some commuters at a bus stop in the middle of a Bronx road.
"[Cars] speed through here sometimes," says concerned commuter Miriam Perez. "Maybe it would be safer . . . if the bus stop should be right around [the sidewalk]."The bus stop is precariously perched between two lanes of traffic on Westchester Avenue under the 6 train. However, not everyone feels unsafe.
"You're in between two poles ? two big poles ? and you feel like nothing's gonna hit you," says David Lopez.
The MTA agrees that the bus stop, and others like it in the borough, pose little safety risk, saying that the setup has been in place for 90 years with few complaints.
However, the transit agency admits other locations have had alterations, such as a bus stop at Elder and Westchester avenues. The curb was built out to that stop.