Bronx businesses fight for survival amid crisis

While lawmakers on Capitol Hill are scrambling to re-write the biggest financial bailout plan in history after it was rejected Monday, local business owners say time is running out for them.
The owner of Square Flowers in Westchester Square has been making bouquets for more than three decades, but as the result of the financial meltdown of Wall Street, he says his business is hanging by a thread.
?After 35 years of being a successful business, I came to the point where I cannot pay my bills,? he says.
If the business does not improve soon, the florist says he will be forced to fire some family members to make ends meet.
Down the block, National Coffee Shop is also struggling to stay afloat. The owners say people are going out to eat less often these days, and the business is bearing to consequences.
As Bronx entrepreneurs continue to wait for the resolution of the financial crisis, the House is expected to put together another rescue package later in the week.
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