Bronx DA looking into Carrion allegations

The Bronx district attorney says he is looking into conflict-of-interest allegations against former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion.
The controversy surrounding Carrion, who recently took a job with the Obama administration, began in 2006 when he hired an architect to design a porch and balcony in his City Island home.
Construction was complete in 2007, but Carrion still has not paid the architect about $3,600. Carrion has said he did not receive a bill and that he will pay when it's presented.
Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson says he wants to know if Carrion failed to pay for the work or was just waiting to be billed.
The architect, Hugo Subotovsky, was part of a team seeking approval of a development called Boricua Village that included a 14-story college building and 679 units of housing. Carrion recommended approval of the project in 2007, and it then went to the city Planning Commission.
Carrion, 47, oversaw rapid development in the Bronx including 40,000 new units of housing and 50 new schools. Real estate developers were among his biggest campaign donors, and campaign finance records show that Subotovsky and the team behind Boricua Village gave Carrion tens of thousands of dollars.
AP wire services were used in this report.