Bronx Hall of Justice to reopen after sewage spill

City officials say the Bronx Hall of Justice is expected to resume operations later in the day Thursday as crews continue to repair a broken sewer line.
City officials say the spill was caused by a ruptured underground sewage pipe located about 30 feet from the multimillion dollar complex, which opened in January.
The seeping sewage was discovered Wednesday after people reported a foul smell in the building. Some bathrooms, courtrooms and prisoner cells were closed after the incident.
The closing of the courthouse caused the rescheduling of close to 200 court hearings.
Witnesses say the scene in front of the courthouse Wednesday was one of chaos as families of inmates came to attend hearings, only to discover they have been postponed.
The Department of Corrections says 100 prisoners will be brought to the Hall of Justice Thursday to appear before a judge. That is a reduced number because the courthouse won?t operate at full capacity while work on the sewer line continues.