Bronx Hot Spots: Scuba diving

For this week's Bronx Hot Spots, News 12 goes off the deep end and right into the Long Island Sound.
Mike Carew, of Captain Mike's Diving Services in City Island, has been taking swimmers scuba diving for the past 24 years.
Carew says the scuba course is designed to walk people, even inexperienced snorklers, though the steps of becoming a scuba diver and hopefully supply them with the necessary skills to become an instructor, or even make a career out of it.
A number of sea creatures can be spotted during a dip in the Sound, including fluke, flounder, various types of crabs, striped bass, sponges and coral.
For residents wishing to test out the waters, the cost can range from $50 for discovery scuba, to $600 for open-water diving.