Bronx Little School parents voice concerns on school safety following last week’s trespassing incident

Parents at a Bronx elementary school came together for an emergency meeting this morning, following a school lockdown that took place last week.
The emergency PTA meeting comes after officials say a man had been seen lurking around the Bronx Little School for a week before he bypassed security and barged into the school last Thursday.
Parents leaving the Bronx Little School told News 12 that it was a heated PTA meeting between the parents and school officials.
Although the accused school intruder, Zeno Marte, was captured and charged with criminal trespass, parents say it could have turned out much worse.
At the meeting this morning, parents voiced concerns to the schools' four principals and a member of the mayor's staff asking for security cameras and additional school safety officers and police outside to supervise all school exits.
Currently there are only two police officers patrolling outside the school.
Parents are also asking for a nearby shelter which was recently converted from all women to all men to be moved.
So far, parents say the city has agreed to adding more school safety officers and that they have been asked to attend a monthly 43 rd Precinct Council meeting at 7 p.m.