Bronx resident creates all-natural cosmetics brand

A Bronx woman has come up with an all-natural, vegan-friendly nail care line that she describes as fun, fashionable and safe.
Bronx resident Sara Liz Pickett and her partner Ginger Johnson are beauty fanatics who love nail polish but are sensitive to certain chemicals used in nail lacquer. Pickett and Johnson say they came up with the idea for an all-natural, vegan-friendly nail care line not only because of the adverse reactions they had to the chemicals, but also because they wanted to create a brand that has it all.
Pickett says most of the cosmetics on the market that address the toxins often have boring color palettes. Johnson says their brand has created shades that work for all ethnicities and skin tones, as well as bright and neon colors.
The pair launched the brand in 2010 and their products are being sold by the beauty chain Ulta, including the location at The Mall at Bay Plaza.
Pickett says the products their brand sells contains no formaldehyde or animal byproducts.
The founders plan to release a vegan-friendly, oil-based nail polish remover as well as an all-natural hand cream by spring of 2015.