Bronx residents voice concern over electrical safety hazard

Residents living near the site of a recent manhole explosion claim there are live wires along East 175th Street.
The residents say instead of fixing the problem, Con Ed simply put barricades on the sidewalk around the wires and hired a security company to make sure people don't go near the site. In addition, residents say having the area blocked off puts the squeeze on parking in an area where spaces are already limited.
Con Ed officials say they are doing what they can. In a statement to News 12 the Bronx, officials say in order to continue providing power to buildings affected by the recent manhole explosion, they had to temporarily run safe, well-insulated cable on the street between two manholes. When conditions allow, officials say permanent repairs will be made. The statement went on to say that Con Ed's number one priority is the safety of the public and its employees.