Bronx residents want in on online grocery delivery

Bronx residents say seniors in the borough should be able to get their groceries delivered to their homes by Fresh Direct, but the online company only delivers to one neighborhood.
Michael Alicea says his mother, who lives in the South Bronx, can?t walk far by herself and would benefit greatly from the online delivery service. He says he and his siblings have reached out to Fresh Direct to try to get the company to deliver to their part of the borough.
Though items from Fresh Direct sometimes cost more than in grocery stores, many say they?re willing to pay for the convenience.
A spokesperson from Councilman Joel Rivera?s (D-Bronx) office says he will reach out to all Bronx council members, assembly members and senators. Rivera plans to write a letter to the company and is teaming up with Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo (D-Bronx) to have residents sign a petition asking the company to deliver to the borough