Bronx reverend claims police brutality in case of mistaken identity

A Bronx reverend claims police beat him in a case of mistaken identity.
Indalecio Dellvalle says he was driving on the Cross Bronx Expressway Thursday night when 10 police officers pulled him out of his car and beat him. Dellvalle claims the officers never read him his rights. After being handcuffed and taken to the 43rd Precinct, the minister says the officers realized they made a mistake and apologized.
Dellvalle?s attorney say it is a case of racial profiling, police brutality and a failure to follow police procedure. Dellvalle says he is filing a civil rights action lawsuit against the city. The deputy commissioner of public information for the NYPD says Dellvalle was mistakenly taken into custody and released after a short time. He adds the claim of abuse is under investigation.